Wood Repairs

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Evaluate, Repair, Replace

It is not unusual to discover your home needs exterior carpentry work when performing other home improvements such as painting, gutters or roofing.

Rotten wood can appear anywhere and seemingly out of nowhere. You may find it on your porch or deck, stairs or beams on your ceiling. Although it can feel like your home is crumbling around you, rest assured that rotten wood can be repaired or replaced.

We take a three-prong approach. First, we’ll evaluate the rotten wood. Rotting wood caused by termites or ants will be different than wood that has rotted from water damage. And often the rot goes beyond what you can see, so we’ll look for other damage around your home. Once we inspect, we will plan for repair.

When we fix rotten wood, we think it’s also critical to take steps to keep rot from returning to that same spot and other wood in your home. Prevention is an important piece of the puzzle. If any damage cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced, especially for structural integrity, we will advise and assist you with that element, as well.

Our team of professionals will work together to get the work done quickly and efficiently, using the highest quality materials and workmanship. We like to replace whole sections instead of pieces when addressing rotted or failing wood. We will use solid PVC when available, and the wood we use will be primed on all sides before installed. We will never use MDF (sawdust) wood on your exterior!